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Alexander McQueen Paris Fashion Week 2012

I remember the time when I only just started knowing fashion purely because the shoes looked so nice and they felt comfy when I walked 6 blocks to the closest McDonalds to see my crush prettily. I had no idea in 4 years I could have managed to know who Alexander McQueen actually is (and how his name is spelt), fall in love with Marc Jacobs and recognise more brands than just Louis Vuitton (and actually can say them). 

Speaking of fashion naivety, it was never anything more than pieces of clothe for me to look as tiny as possible in order  to fit in with the girls in my class room who were all half my height and a third my size. They didn’t even produce shoes size 7 when I was small. So I was among the boys who ignored pink and detested dresses, or any kind of girly girl related.

Year 2012, if I will not be hiding under the stage or fixing the lights or fully covered by the decorating trees tomorrow, hopefully people would see me at L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival opening party. I had successfully learnt how to pronounce Givenchy correctly, or say out loud YSL without my tongue being twisted around and spent the entire night before the event being depressed by fashion. With the lack of internet, financial availability and never-finishing question of when I will finally be where I want to be. For this, I wish to share with the people who are trying to get there, used to try to get there or still trying to define ‘there’ in a speakeable language. 

During my last 4 years of learning fashion and many many too many wrong outfit with horrible hair (which I lately have questioned myself if I ever scared people off), one of the highly influential people that inspired my eyes, feelings and definitely boost up my sense of having-to-get-there-no-matter-where-it-is is Alexander McQueen. Maybe I have read too many articles about his tragic death and from the loving ones who are left behind, but there are no words that could describe the talent in which this man held inside his heart and brain. 

McQueen’s collections always had a bit of the quirkiness in it. They were to me and as I believe to many people were never just a fashion show. And I think that’s one of the thing that changed my entire perspective about the fashion world - that it is not just about the prettiness, it’s an idea. It has within it feelings, beliefs and dreams, ones that the designer wants to share with the rest of the world through the sophisticated language of clothes, hair and make-up. 

I have always admired McQueen’s for its tasteful balance between the designer’s own world and the rest of the world’s world, his dreams and the fashion’s dreams. As for me, he broke the definition of prettiness and inserted a whole new one. 

Alexander McQueen fall winter 2012-13 ready-to-wear collection at Paris Fashion Show was designed by the brand’s art director, British designer - Sarah Burton. It is said to be her best work up-to-date. The whole collection was flowers after flowers, the really beautiful ones that you never get to see but finally see them. Burton said she wanted a new, more promising and optimistic future.